Bitcoin is a timeless gift.

Thoughts on how Bitcoin is a gift that at first sight does not look like something of value, but after careful thought it proves to be everlasting.

Buying gifts is especially though if you are a last-minute techie person. But because we know our profession well, there is no reason not to take the advantage and use technological solution to an everyday problem, as simple as choosing a gift.

In general it is not welcomed to buy impersonal gifts, but according to Bank of England’s twitter survey today‘s wishes are after a gift that keeps on giving and is timeless.

When it comes to thinking of what such gift could be, we will share our CEO’s personal story and how he bought gifts. If you still wonder what he bought, he bought bitcoin.

Disclaimer: ‘The following references is an opinion and for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.’

In rush for getting all things wrapped up for celebration, you figure out you have no idea what to gift, do not own a scotch tape, let alone wrapping paper. What you can do, if you are a tech person with access to a computer and a printer, is send some bitcoins. It works long distances too ; )

Our CEO in above described momentum resorted to a thing he knows best and his choice, 5 years later, turned out to be eternal.

Pick a gift

It does not matter where you buy bitcoin, once you have it in your wallet you distribute the amount you wish to a paper wallet.

We recommend you buy it somewhere where you have experience and you are accustomed to the interface. But in case you are new to the party then we recommend the following: (it does not have to be in this particular order)

> You can use CoinATMradar to find bATM where you exchange your fiat to bitcoin OR use other OTC exchanges available in your country OR you buy it on an online exchange. If you already own a decent amount you are more than ready.

> Prepare a paper wallet: you can either print it from a website or Mycelium entropy (we advise extreme caution while making a paper wallet — MUST read). For printing use a paper that is NOT glossy but rather regular heavier A4 or colored one.

Example of a paper wallet.

Wrapping it up

Is extremely simple or it can be complicated as origami. When you’ve successfully printed it out and it looks like the example above, then fold the paper so you cannot see private key and finish with sending the amount of XBT to the public address on the paper.

Present it

Give this cryptographical present to someone with a short explanation attached. Not everyone has the know how. So somewhat be sure you tell them to store it. Store it in a book or even better in a safe and Store it for some time.

Technological innovation itself is a present to human kind and we should take full advantage of it. Technology as Bitcoin does not only give us opportunity to have technological revolution, possibilities building businesses and earn crazy money in speculation, it gives us the gift of future progress.

Not that we guarantee you all the love from beneficiary/recipient at receiving time, but it is a gift that they will remember.

If you have an interesting story too, please share it.