LoCoins Retail Program

Cryptocurrencies in every corner shop

We’re building a global network of local shopkeepers and customers to support simple, risk-free cryptocurrency exchange. Add your shop for free and earn 2-8% commission on every sale.

LoCoins is a turnkey solution for handling crypto to cash exchanges (and vice versa) over the counter.

Expanding market

Cryptocurrency markets are growing rapidly, and demand for a hassle-free crypto<>cash exchange is on the rise. We support Bitcoin, Etherium and others, with more to come soon.



Easy to use for shopkeepers, cashiers and customers, and without complex accounting. Cash transactions for cryptocurrencies where and when needed, without waiting.

Safe & Secure

Legal compliance, cryptocurrency liquidity, price volatility and security risks are all handled by a robust platform built by a team of blockchain experts.

Let us know you’re interested by clicking on the button above and providing some basic information. It takes no more than a minute, it is free and private, and carries no obligations. We will then send you additional information and next steps for becoming an official LoCoins Retailer.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

LoCoins is a service created by real cryptocurrency experts. We’ve previously established a successful bitcoin ATM operator and local cryptocurrency promoter - Bitnik. We’re from Slovenia and love crypto!

Šmartinska C. 152, Ljubljana