Bitcoin Wallets

A very short intro guide to cryptocurrency wallets

Crypto wallet is a program or a device that lets you:

  1. Send funds (or pay)
  2. Receive funds (or get paid)
  3. Check your balance

Bitcoin wallets are similar to email accounts.

  • Instead of an email address you have a public address (technically called a public key).
  • And instead of a login password you have a private key.

What are public and private keys?

How do I use public and private keys?

How do I get a wallet?

Better safe than sorry.

  • Now that you have some skin in the game, move your funds to a more secured type of a wallet.
  • Larger sums are safer in a cold storage (stored offline) so a hardware wallet is recommended.
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Pro Tips:

  • Always use 2FA (two factor authentication) for online services (and back it up).
  • Use mobile or desktop wallets for daily use and hardware wallets for your savings.
  • Always backup your keys offline.
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